Research Paper

Ceropegia mizoramensis and C. murlensis (Asclepiadaceae) - Two new species from Northeast India with Phylogenetic and morphological evidence support

Ramesh Kumar, Sachin Sharma and Mayank D. Dwivedi

Published on: 06 June 2018

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2018.63.163

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2018 vol.63 no.2 pp.163-170


Based on phylogenetic and morphological evidence, two hitherto unknown species under genus Ceropegia viz. Ceropegia mizoramensis and C. murlensis (Asclepiadaceae) are described here for the first time. The species are collected from Mizoram, Northeast India. The present communication deals with the brief description and photo illustrations of both the species along with key to species found in the region for their easier identification.

Keyword: Asclepiadaceae, Ceropegia, India, ITS, Mizoram, New taxa