Research Paper

New Orchids (Orchidaceae: Cymbidieae and Vandeae) in the Flora of Vietnam

Leonid V. Averyanov, Van Canh Nguyen, Ba Vuong Truong, Tatiana V. Maisak, Hong Truong Luu, Khang Sinh Nguyen, Quang Diep Dinh, Hoang Tuan Nguyen, Xuan Canh Chu, Gioi Tran, Van Khang Nguyen, Hong S. Le

Published on: 08 May 2018

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2018.63.119

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2018 vol.63 no.2 pp.119-138


The paper continues publication of new original data on orchid diversity in Vietnam (tribes Cymbidieae and Vandeae) obtained in 2016–2018. It includes data on 2 genera and 10 species new for the flora of Vietnam. Among them, six species are new to science (Ascocentrum hienii, Biermannia canhii, Cymbidium tamphianum, Gastrochilus setosus, Malleola luongii, Robiquetia orlovii). Four other species are found on the territory of Vietnam for the first time (Bogoria raciborskii, Lesliea mirabilis, Pennilabium struthio, Uncifera obtusifolia). Two genera, Bogoria and Lesliea, are newly recorded for the flora of Vietnam. One new nomenclature combination (Ascocentropsis malipoensis), one new name (Ascocentropsis yunnanensis) and one lectotype (for Uncifera obtusifolia) are proposed. When the new data presented in this paper are included, the known orchid flora of Vietnam comprises about 1220 documented species from 174 genera.

Keyword: Flora of Vietnam, Indochina, Nature protection, New species, Orchidaceae, Plant geography, Plant taxonomy