Eragrostis brownii (Poaceae: Eragrostidinae), a new record for India

Thoiba Kottekkattu and A.K. Pradeep

Published on: 21 March 2018

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2018.63.84

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2018 vol.63 no.1 pp.84-88


Eragrostis brownii is reported from India for the first time based on a collection made from Karnataka, India. The name Eragrostis santapaui is reduced to synonymy. Taxonomic description, illustration and a photo plate of E. brownii is provided to distinguish it from its allied species E. cilianensis and E. minor.

Keyword: Eragrostis santapaui, Eragrostis spartinoides, Eragrostis zeylanica, India, new record, Poaceae