Research Paper

Neotypification and taxonomic reinstatement of Grewia macrophylla

Mayur D. Nandikar and Kaliamoorthy Ravikumar

Published on: 21 July 2017

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2017.62.299

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2017 vol.62 no.3 pp.299-304


Grewia macrophylla G. Don has been treated as a synonym of Grewia abutilifolia Vent. ex Juss. in most literature. However, G. macrophylla is a distinct species and differs from G. abutilifolia in the characters of leaf, pedicel and petals. G. macrophylla is known from elevated hilly forests in the northeast region of India and Myanmar, while G. abutilifolia is distributed throughout India and Southeast Asia. Here, we resurrect and distinguish G. macrophylla from G. abutilifolia. A neotype for G. marcophylla and a lectotype for G. abutilifolia are also designated here.

Keyword: Grewia, India, Nomenclature, Taxonomy, Typification