Research Paper

Marchantia L. (Marchantiaceae-Marchantiophyta) in Taiwan

Yen-Wen Lu and Shing-Fan Huang

Published on: 20 February 2017

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2017.62.55

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2017 vol.62 no.1 pp.55-62


Floristic study of Marchantia L. in Taiwan has been presented in this paper. Six taxa, namely, M. emarginata subsp. tosana, M. formosana, M. paleacea subsp. paleacea, M. paleacea subsp. diptera, M. pinnata and M. polymorpha are confirmed in Taiwan. Among them, M. formosana is endemic, M. pinnata is shared by Japan and Taiwan, M. paleacea subsp. diptera is distributed in China, Japan and Taiwan, while the remainings are more or less widespreading. Key for taxa in Taiwan is provided for convenience of identification, and descriptions, photos and distribution maps are also provided for each taxon as a basic materials for further studies.

Keyword: Flora, Liverworts, Marchantia, Marchantiaceae, Taiwan